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The best process for pre-planning services and items for a funeral

The best process for pre-planning services and items for a funeral

A balance of your needs today and your needs into the future should always be considered when you decide to plan a funeral in advance. Pre-planning is a way to ensure that your wishes will be expressed in exactly the right way, while also relieve the emotional and financial burdens that your loved ones experience.

There is a process to making funeral arrangements that is not only easy to follow but also is thorough when it comes to every step that may need to take place. Accomplishing these arrangements before the need arises brings peace of mind to your loved ones and yourself.

Here’s a guide to pre-planning a funeral, with the major steps that are involved.

Finalizing funeral services

There are many steps in which to take for a funeral service, and finalizing the individual facilities and professionals that are needed is an important first step. We recommend using a personal arrangement guide in order to outline all of the steps needed. It’s a tool that we provide on our website.

In that guide will be the service selections that you’ll need to decide upon. Among those are:

  • Transportation services
  • Visitation facilities
  • Professional help from funeral directors and staff
Preparation, including embalming services
Planning for the funeral ceremony
Music and pastoral services
  • Grave opening and closing arrangements

Choosing funeral merchandise

Deciding on what should be used for the ceremony is a step that many people think about well ahead of the actual date, and it’s something that is even included in wills and trusts that are developed during a person’s lifetime.

Among the questions you should ask yourself:

Do I want to choose a casket?
Do I want to choose an urn?
  • Would it make sense to have both?
  • Will my remains be placed in an outer burial container such as a cemetery vault?
  • What type of flowers would I want to be used?
  • What are the best type of acknowledgment cards to use?
Will I need a transfer container?

Seeking the help of professionals

By thinking about all of these factors, you are able to answer questions that will relieve stress and anxiety for your loved ones. A company such as ours can also guide you through every aspect that a funeral service once you are ready to take the steps to pre-plan.

By combining respect, compassion and dignity, Dalton-Hoopes Funeral Home and Cremation Center can take care of the arrangements for whatever your individual needs may be. To find out more about what we can do for you and your loved ones, go to

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