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Funeral Home Pricing

Welcome to Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home, where we understand that transparency and affordability are essential when it comes to funeral arrangements. Our dedication to providing compassionate and respectful service extends to our pricing structure, ensuring that families in need can navigate the process with clarity and confidence. At Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home, we strive to offer competitive funeral home pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. With transparent pricing options tailored to meet your needs and budget, we aim to alleviate the financial burden during this challenging time. Explore our pricing packages and customizable options to find the right fit for honoring your loved one’s memory with dignity and respect.

Explore our Prices by service:

At Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home, we take pride in providing affordable funeral services, cremation services, memorial services, pre-planning services, and burial services to our community. We understand that honoring the memory of a loved one should not impose financial strain on families. That’s why we offer a range of options designed to accommodate different budgets without compromising on the quality of care or attention to detail. Whether you choose a traditional funeral service, cremation, or memorial gathering, our dedicated team will work closely with you to create a meaningful and personalized tribute that reflects your loved one’s life and legacy. Our affordable pre-planning services also allow individuals to make arrangements in advance, providing peace of mind and financial flexibility for themselves and their families. With Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home, you can trust that your loved one will receive dignified and respectful care at an affordable price.

Affordable funeral:

At Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home, we believe that every family deserves a meaningful farewell for their loved ones without financial strain. Our affordable funeral services offer compassionate care and attention to detail while accommodating various budgets, ensuring that you can honor your loved one's memory with dignity and respect.
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Affordable cremation:

For families seeking affordable cremation options, Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home provides compassionate and dignified services tailored to meet your needs and budget. Our experienced team offers transparent pricing and personalized support, allowing you to celebrate your loved one's life in a meaningful and affordable way.
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Affordable Memorial:

At Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home, our affordable memorial services offer families a heartfelt opportunity to gather and celebrate the life of their loved one. With flexible options and transparent pricing, we ensure that honoring your loved one's memory is both meaningful and affordable, providing comfort and closure during difficult times.
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Services and pricing:

Dalton-Hoopes offers affordable funeral services, with packages starting at $750.

While we offer some of the lowest prices in Tooele county, our warmth, sincerity, and over 35 years of experience ensure the highest measure of quality.

From casket choices to funeral flowers, the funeral directors at Dalton-Hoopes provide individualized funeral services designed to meet the needs of each family.

Product catalog:

Dalton-Hoopes offers personalization at every stage of your service, with a wide variety of products that help to represent your loved one down to the finest detail.

Choose from a wide variety of flowers, gifts, caskets, urns, headstones, plus specialty services like engraving, keepsake urns, fingerprints, tree memorial, funeral webcasting, and personalized printing.


Get all the information you need to help you make final arrangements for your loved one.

Find answers to your questions with our FAQ section, all the details about Veteran Funerals and Social Security Benefits, as well as a section with links on Grief Support.

You will also find information about Pre-Planning and a form to fill out with all the details necessary to get you started.

Funeral service Pricing FAqs

Several factors influence the cost of funeral services, including the type of service (traditional funeral, cremation, memorial), choice of casket or urn, cemetery fees, transportation expenses, and additional services such as embalming or catering. At Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home, we provide transparent pricing and detailed explanations of all associated costs to help families make informed decisions.

Yes, at Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home, we offer a range of affordable options to accommodate different budgets. Our team works closely with families to customize funeral arrangements that meet their financial needs while honoring their loved one’s memory with dignity and respect. From simple cremation services to traditional funeral packages, we strive to provide compassionate care at affordable prices.

Absolutely. Pre-planning and pre-paying for funeral services offer peace of mind and financial security for you and your loved ones. Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home provides affordable pre-planning options that allow you to make decisions in advance, lock in today’s prices, and relieve your family of the burden of planning and paying for funeral arrangements during a difficult time.


At Dalton Hoopes Funeral Home, we believe in transparency and honesty when it comes to pricing funeral services. We provide families with detailed estimates and breakdowns of all costs upfront, ensuring there are no surprises or hidden fees. Our goal is to make the funeral planning process as stress-free as possible, allowing families to focus on honoring their loved one’s memory without financial worry.